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How to be a Good Mentee

Top 10 Tips for being a good Mentee

Having a strong mentor or a portfolio of mentors can be the best use of an employees time to help them identify what skills they need to develop to advance to their next position. Mentors, actually multiple mentors, were one of the tops reasons I continued to grow along the way in my 38 year corporate career.

When you have mentors you must be respectful of their time. They are giving you a gift of their time and experience and you have to use the time wisely.

1) Come preparedwith sharp, insightful thoughtful questions

2) Listen, don’t interruptwhen they are giving you advise

3) This is not an interview so don’t try to make it one

4) Circle back with them ASAP and let them know you appreciate the time

5) Send a written thank you cardeach time you meet with them

6) Occasionally buy them lunch or coffee to thank them

7) Find a couple of non-work related topics where you might add value(kids in college, local events, charities to volunteer)

8) Have multiple mentors– some might not be a good fit

9) Divorce mentors when they are just not working for you. Tell them it’s just not a good fit and save both of you valuable time.

10) Become a mentorfor someone in the organization

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