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Top 3 Tips for Customer Service and Customer Experience

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The number one factor in any customer or consumer experience is, “Did they listen to me?” Consumers want to know if you listened and more importantly do you care about their business.  To make sure you listen and communicate clearly, YES I CARE, always follow these 3 tips.  By following these 3 steps you will be far ahead of your competitors and will drive additional business any loyalty.  By following these 3 steps, your business will be the one people talk about (word of mouth the best marketing, right?) for the best customer service.

Top 3 tips for excellent customer service and customer experience

1)  100% of the time, follow up the same day anyone writes you a note, email, Amazon negative post, or gives you feedback about your product or service.

2)  After you communicate with them send a follow up note, email, phone call or a written thank you note (my #1 preference) to say thanks for the feedback and specifically what you are doing about it.

3)  30 days later, contact them again and ask them about their recent experiences with your product or service and ask what you can do to serve them better.  Ask them for additional feedback by asking the question, “I need your help” on how we can get better.

By following these 3 steps consistently, not just when it’s easy, you will differentiate yourself in the marketplace as the company that listens. That’s the number one 

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