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What are the best practices for securing your remote workforce?

Communication and Metrics – You Must be Best Practice at Both.

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I have managed many remote workforces and believe this will be much more the trend going forward. To be the best team you must have the best talent and the best talent will never be exactly where you need them to be.  So you must be great at managing a remote workforce.

There are 2 skills that you must master.

The first is communication. You must be crystal clear on what you expect from them how they should do the work, and who do they work with on a regular basis.  This normally requires an on boarding process that includes a heavy dose of adult learning techniques. (say it, say it again, have them do it, repeat…)

After they are on board, your regular, predictable communication is critical.  This might be a weekly email, and a weekly phone call, and a team communication at the end of the week.  There are many choices on how to communicate but it must be done on a regular and consistent basis.

The second skill you must master is giving them measureable, quantifiable metrics. This might be revenue, sales call per day, store visits per day, pieces moved by day, etc.  But you have to give them metrics that everyone understands, hopefully agree on but 100% accept and held accountable for them.  Without this you will have low performing, over paid, hard to motivate remote workfarce.

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