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Here are my 30 most practical travel tips.

Business travel can be brutal and exhausting but these tips can ease some of the wear and tear from you body and mind.

1) Try to take direct flights, even if the times are less convenient. When you change planes, you significantly increase the risk of delays and missed flights.

2) Take the first flight in the morning. They have the best chance of being on time.

3) Carry on and don’t’ check your luggage. It will save significant time and you eliminate the chance it gets lost.

4) Sit at the front of the plane because you can get off faster.

5) Use hand sanitizer frequently and always use it on the drop down tray. That is the number one place for bacteria.

6) Purchase TSA Pre and Global access. They make your travel much easier.

7) Wear comfortable clothes on the flight. Don’t look like a slob but you don’t have to be boardroom ready either.

8) Layer your clothing because planes can get cold and hot.

9) Stay hydrated at all times. Carry water with you on the flight.

10) Carry a healthy snack with you. If the flight gets delayed you might not eat for hours. Nuts work great because they are filling and easy to carry.

11) Pack your workout clothes on every tip and exercise while you travel. It will help with jet lag and keep your system flowing.

12) Download the airline app before you leave home vs on the plane because it will be faster. Many times the airline app will give you access to movies and other benefits you will not get without it.

13) Always have a separate set of toiletries packed and ready to go. This will save time in packing.

14) Take an Uber to the airport vs driving. This saves time and maybe money too.

15) Be nice to all the flight attendants. They can make your flight easier.

16) Eat healthy and avoid the temptation to eat deserts, drink too much, and have the big meals just because it’s on an expense report.

17) Don’t take the last flight out of the day. They can’t get delayed or cancelled and you can’t get home.

18) Stay at a hotel close to the airport the night before departure to avoid traffic jams and delays.

19) Take in a local attraction if you are there for a few days. Enjoy this benefit of traveling.

20) If you are a young parent or new grandparent, start a tradition of bringing home something from each city like a pin, postcard or keychain for them.

21) If you are gone for more than a few days, mail your family postcards.

22) Leave your kids small reminders like a greeting card or note while you are on the road.

23) Invest in good luggage. It will make a big difference when a cheap set falls apart when you need it most.

24) Buy quality nametags that will stay on your luggage. Don’t put your address on the tag but your phone number and email address. People don’t need to know where you live.

25) Carry quality headphones they can help with relaxing.

26) Take your vitamins when you travel,

27) Make yourself a small medial bag with a few of the basics.

28) Always carry Imodium. Always.

29) Download your boarding pass on your phone vs printing them out.

30) Carry extra charging cables and have them in your carry on.

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