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How to Disagree with your Boss without getting Fired

Everyone disagrees with a boss, some of the time.

For some of us, we disagree with our boss most of the time.

Here is a little insight: The great bosses want you to disagree with them but there is a time and place to do it

The really good bosses wants debate, they want a little friction and push back. The really great bosses do not want employees to agree with everything they say.

To pushback with confidence, follow this 10 guideline.

1) Start with the facts. If you have facts, not assumptions or hearsay or a feeling, that supports your point of view, then share them. For example, the cost of the product is 15% higher than we planned. Then share it. Every great boss wants the facts.

2) Is your point of view in alignment with the strategy? If it is then pushback. It’s easy to stray off strategy when the stress is high. A great boss wants to make sure they operate in alignment with their strategy.

3) Have you already presented this idea and got shut down? If so, back away. You will be annoying.

4) Has the environment changed? Was the plan based on old facts or bad assumptions and you have new data, share it.

5) Most great bosses have a time for open debate. That’s when you need to step up and make your case. Don’t wait for a one on one meeting to try to convince the boss of your ideas. They wanted the debate with the larger team, not one on one. By not having the debate with a larger group shows a lack of confidence in your idea. It also makes you look weak.

6) If the decision has been made and now the plan is in the implementation phase then just move on. You missed your chance.

7) If you had great ideas and you did not get them implemented be honest with yourself why they did not make the cut. Where did you go wrong?

8) If your boss never agrees with you then its time for the discussion about why? It’s probably not your ideas but something else. Is it your attitude? Your optics at work? Your work ethic? It’s something and you need to figure it out, own it and decide to make changes.

9) Don’t be the victim. After the meeting where your ideas was not adopted do not go around and whine about it with your peers. It will get back to the boss and make it harder for you.

10) Maybe your idea was not that good. It happens.

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