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In the corporate world one of my biggest nits is the indiscipline use of cell phones, tablets and laptops in every meeting.  Yes, it’s great when people are searching for information to help the meeting.  But too many times people are checking email, texting, and checking Facebook and all the rest.  It’s a distraction and a problem leaders will have to deal with more directly if they want to improve productivity.

At Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp none of the artist had their cell phones out, none.  they were focused on their customers, us, and they practiced. They were into their jobs and made sure all oil us were getting the instruction we needed to perform with the headliners, Nancy Wilson, Chris Layton and Buddy Guy.  They were fiercely driving us to be better.

As leaders, we need to be more like the teachers at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and require ours teams to stay focus on the challenge in from of us, not texting.

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