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5 Tips on how Introverts Can Thrive at Work

I am an introvert. I was a successful executive for 38 years but had to develop several tactics along the way to help me excel in an extroverted world.

Communicate: Tell your team and your boss that you are an introvert and explain that you might need to process information differently and do not mistake your processing as not engaged.

Schedule time for your self: Put office time on your calendar and don’t feel bad about it. It’s your time to get work done, process and energize.

Shut your door: I have told my teams in the past that I am an introvert and when my door is shut I am recharging. Please do not bother me unless it’s an emergence and there is never an emergence.

Leave the office: Go for a walk, run an errand, go get a coffee anything that gets you out of the office for a while to recharge.

Schedule lunch with yourself: At least once a month I would take myself to a nice lunch and use the time to reflect, process and recharge. You have to be a true introvert to “get this”.

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